Sabrina Bean is an emerging multimedia artist based in Austin, Texas, with the heart and soul of her hometown, New Orleans.  Her distinctive body of work has caught on rapidly with Austin and New Orleans art enthusiasts alike.

As a child growing up in New Orleans, Sabrina was fascinated by art in all forms, especially those involving the utility of paper and textiles.  After studying Art History at Vassar College, her fascination became a lifelong passion.

With her innate sensitivity, intuition and imagination, she envisions a story.  Using ordinary materials and her gifted hands, she brings that story to life with rich colors and lush textures that come together brilliantly.  Each work is the manifestation of her inspired soul and exceptional talent.

Whether the story is an original or a familiar one, it’s fresh with dramatic energy and a mysterious air, inviting its audience to subjective thought and discussion. 

Her body of work is diverse, but each piece powerfully represents the spirit of the artist – a free thinker with a critical eye who exemplifies la belle mélange – the beautiful blend – of  life in motion.

Her portfolio currently includes commissioned works in collaboration with clients who desire a creation tailored to their aesthetic preferences, relationships and unique history.  


Quotes from the Artist: 

About collage:

“It’s such an accessible medium, and the possibilities are endless.  There are no restrictions; you’re limited only by your imagination.  I love working with various tactile objects, but paper is my favorite.  Anything can be created with pieces of paper, and it is a very forgiving art.  Paper is abundant and inexpensive; the effects of paper lend themselves to countless images, texture and lighting that go beyond the scope of a pen or a paintbrush. It’s the one art method where realism and abstract come together beautifully.  I love the challenge of finding that right size, sheen and hue.”

About her audience:

“It is important to me that my art be accessible to all, in particular those who have limited exposure to the art world.”

“My deepest gratitude to all who have expressed interest in and/or purchased my work. You continue to be my greatest inspiration.”

Those interested in commissioning the artist may contact her via personal email: or via message at this website. Images may also be purchased as transfers to canvas, prints, posters, greeting cards and postcards.